On July 8, Max Keizer and Stacy Herbert hosted an Elon Musk-inspired show in Austin, Texas. The event called “F * ck Elon”, which was attended by a large number of bitcoin (BTC) extremists, was definitely noisy. Emperor is known for many things, but restraint is not necessarily one of them.

While we can discuss the benefits of a party with such a provocative name, the dichotomy between Musk is definitely not negotiable. Earlier this year, the Bitcoin community, including extremists, actively supported Musk. He saw value in bitcoins and bitcoins and saw value in Musk, one of the most powerful people on the planet. In many ways, this was a marriage created in heaven.

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But in early May, when the 49-year-old announced that Tesla would no longer accept bitcoin as a payment method, Musk’s popularity among bitcoin supporters quickly faded. Now many look at him with suspicion. Others, like Kaiser, look down on him with contempt, hence the colorfully named party.

The question is, what was the point of the “F * ck Elon” incident? After all, we are told that Musk no longer affects the cryptocurrency market as he did in May. The master who was so powerful has now become a helpless Sheila. While the authors have come up with a compelling case, it is important to remember who Musk is, and more importantly, what he is capable of. Bitcoin in sight.

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Three weeks ago, Tesla’s CEO announced that the company plans to adopt Bitcoin as soon as its clean energy targets are met. In other words, bitcoin and musk are incomplete. Given that the future of Bitcoin appears to be closely linked to clean energy, the future of Bitcoin also appears to be closely linked to Musk.

At the moment, the impact on Bitcoin seems minimal, but there is every reason to believe that this will change. The shape is temporary, even if the layer is permanent. Musk is a first-class manipulator. Dogecoin (DOGE) is a fun currency, but it does not seem to have a legitimate future. On the other hand, Bitcoin has a very bright future. DOGE is fun to tamper with, but if you are serious about cryptocurrency, marry Bitcoin.

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Is musk toxic?
By definition, a toxic relationship consists of the characters Jekyll and Hyde, where at least one partner changes from hot to cold. And now Elon Musk comes in. Today he bows and praises the Chinese Communist Party, and the next day on Twitter he characterizes the hero as a pedophile. Musk is a deviant force. He is the only person who can match the volatility of bitcoin.

In toxic conditions, burnout is the norm. Musk is stressful, and there is reason to believe that he will continue to empty humanity, especially in the Bitcoin community. Toxic conditions are also synonymous with deception. Musk, a very intelligent person, is subject to exaggeration and false promises. Since 2016, Tesla customers have been billed for a highly publicized autonomous driving feature that does not really exist.

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As Andrew J. Hawkins of The Verge writes, Musk’s fully autonomous driving program “does not allow Tesla to drive even without driver intervention.” In other words, self-driving cars cannot drive a car. This is not the best view for Tesla and not for a mask. Whether his cheating was deliberate or not, Tesla’s customers were sent on an expensive trip. When GM and Ford are busy investigating Musk’s faults and building high quality electric vehicles, will Musk’s behavior in itself be erratic? Do not bet on it – watch out for bitcoins.

An unstable entrepreneur, not an inventor
Musk is not an inventor. He is an agile entrepreneur, willing to say or do anything to create interest. Although he is clearly an ingenious guy, he lacks composure. The word musk is not his connection. In fact, in the Musk world, the concept of truth seems to be very flexible.

In a recent article, Peter Chawaga discusses a kind of post-Elon world in which Bitcoin is freed from interference from entrepreneurs. Chuaga noted: “No human being, no matter how influential they are in their fields, is more important than the network.” In the same part, the aforementioned Stacey Herbert said:

“Elon and other avid billionaires need to understand that you are not fixing Bitcoin, Bitcoin is fixing you.”
Did Bitcoin really “fix” Elon? Is Ilona “repaired”?

Source: CoinTelegraph