Joel Birch, co-founder of Stacked, an automated crypto-investment platform, detailed his first raid on Bitcoin (BTC) as a way to play online games.

“I bought my first bitcoin because I was playing blackjack online,” Birch told the Cointelegraph. “Bitcoin was about $ 250 apiece, so in 2015 I lost hundreds of thousands of dollars playing blackjack today.”

Between 2015 and 2017, bitcoin increased from $ 200 to $ 20,000 on some exchanges, meaning that Birch’s early blackjack losses were much higher than projected during 2015 gambling. Bitcoin Birch, ”he said, making a lot more money on price variations in bitcoin than his attempts to play cards online.

“One of the reasons I was fascinated by cryptocurrency as an investment tool is because I saw how much money I made back then by not playing and storing the bitcoins I bought on Coinbase instead of investing them in blackjack games.
Birch described how he once looked at the bitcoin holdings of online gambling and saw that his account was 30% higher in terms of the US dollar, based on the bullish movement of the bitcoin price. “It was a bit of the first time he clicked,” he said, realizing his incompetent blackjack skills while seeing the possibilities in cryptography.

Many cryptocurrency contributors used similar (albeit random) methods early in their careers. For example, Chris Morris, CEO of Yellow Card Exchange, sold bitcoins on eBay and the Taco Bell sites.

Source: CoinTelegraph