There is no doubt that crypto season and the associated syringe have already arrived. Remembering some of the celebrities who entered the cryptocurrency market during the historic 2017 winter market, actress Lindsay Lohan recorded a paid ad video about Bitcoin (BTC) and Ether (ETH).

Luhan’s video was commissioned by a news agency encrypted with the Cameo platform, an online service that allows individuals or companies to hire celebrities to record private video messages at an agreed price. According to the website, a user can place a video order from Lohan for about $ 350 from the date of publication.

In a 12-second video, the actor, pictured in a selfie in front of an indescribable white window, told viewers:

“I am here to say that Ethereum reaches $ 10,000 and Bitcoin reaches $ 100,000. Enjoy a prosperous 2021 and hope you all can drive lambs to the moon.
Cointelegraph readers will remember that Steven Seagal, Paris Hilton, and Floyd Mayweather were all involved in the Initial Coin Offering or ICO, Fever 2017 – stories ending in lawsuits and tears, or, in Hilton’s case, at least something clever after ICO fell into disgrace.

Unlike these previous contributions, Bohan’s video games are not tied to the new smaller altcoins and, as such, remain tied to the fuzzy support of the most accomplished and largest coins on the market. The reference to “Ethereum” – as opposed to the exact and original name of the asset “Ether” – indicates that the actor has not immersed himself very deeply in the cryptocurrency markets and Internet culture.

At press time, Bitcoin was worth around $ 34,220, down just over 2% in a day, but down 77% in a month. Ether is strengthening above the $ 1,000 mark, to about $ 1,060, and is also approaching 80% per month.

Source: CoinTelegraph