An unusual interview with Bitcoin SV (BSV) spokesperson Jimmy Nguyen on Fox Business earlier today appears to have been cut short after Nguyen continued to criticize Bitcoin.

Nguyen appeared on the December 3 episode of Fox Business Varney and Co to discuss the growing interest in Bitcoin, but the interview ended abruptly after two minutes.

Introduced as the founding president of the Bitcoin Society, Nguyen has repeatedly shot Bitcoin in response to questions from host Stuart Varney, suggesting Bitcoin is increasingly being used for payment.

Bitcoin SV was not mentioned in the graph, introduction, or interview itself, leading to speculation that the host or producers – or both – may not have known that the “Bitcoin Association President” was actually a representative of the controversial … BSV components.

When host Stuart Farney asked him if he believed Bitcoin’s use as a currency is expanding, Nguyen replied: “No, I disagree. I think Bitcoin is seldom used today to pay for merchandise from sellers.” Nguyen went on to point out that Bitcoin is not able to get hold of it. Expansion ‘as the main reason for the $ 7 transaction fee that prevents it from being used as currency in everyday transactions.

Nguyen also spent his short time on the air rejecting the story of “saving” Bitcoin, claiming it had “pushed the price up” recently. As an example of what is believed to be a misuse of Bitcoin, he cites companies that are known to have added large amounts of Bitcoin to their assets in recent months:

“Public companies such as MicroStrategy and Square have purchased a large stock of the coin and deemed it a reserve asset, hoping that its value would rise once it was discontinued instead of using it for day-to-day trading and consumer lives.”
Bitcoin officials and BSV critics have taken to Twitter to notice some anomalies surrounding the interview, indicating that they found it odd that Fox Business asked Jimmy Nguyen, one of the main characters behind Bitcoin SV, to talk about Bitcoin (BTC). … …

The fact that Nguyen was unable to mention BSV in a short interview was also referenced, leaving his position as founding president of the Bitcoin Society without any communication indicating it is a BSV foundation. Twitter user Zectro said, “It’s a good thing, however, that he probably continued with the sole purpose of separating BSV, and he couldn’t even get it right.”

Bitcoin SV’s claim to be a “real” Bitcoin, and the use of the Bitcoin Association’s name – instead of the proper name “Bitcoin SV Association” – suggests a comparison for the marketing and sale of Bitcoin Cash by Roger Ver via, who indicated a potential confusion among newcomers to cryptography .

Since late March, Nguyen has taken a longer hiatus than Twitter after receiving allegations that he intentionally evaded litigation over plaintiff Satoshi Craig Wright’s ongoing lawsuit with Dave Clement’s legacy. He returned to the platform in mid-June and continues to actively support and promote Bitcoin SV.

On September 30, Nguyen wrote a guest article on Cointelegraph, in which he expressed a desire to see how the world united in a single blockchain.

Source: CoinTelegraph