Decentralized Funding (DeFi) has reached another milestone at a constant value of $ 9.02 billion as the pace of DeFi projects has increased in recent months.

Aave remains the largest DeFi project with USD 1.71 billion, followed by MakerDAO with USD 1.43 billion, Balancer with USD 1.36 billion, Curve Finance with USD 1.26 billion, annual financing with 953, $ 6 million and Synthetix at $ 871 million. . Yearns Token YFI is up 75% on the past day as it hit $ 38,883 on Binance. Price increased its market cap to $ 1 billion.

The enthusiasm for DeFi did not diminish as DeFi projects spread. DeFi tokens beat Bitcoin this year. The codes for the DeFi infrastructure such as Chainlinks LINK also increased. The exchanges have also listed some of the most popular DeFi tokens.

Despite the steady rise, players in the industry are still seeing some issues that the DeFi community needs to address in order to drive mainstream adoption such as: B. Security and Ease of Use.

Source: CoinTelegraph