DeFi-focused crypto platform has partnered with CoinMarketCap to give users access to more, fully decentralized financial data.

DEXTools says the partnership with CMC is the latest milestone in a fast-growing business that has come a long way since its launch early last year.

The platform said: “CMC has recognized our product and quality and has chosen us as a reliable partner to move forward and consolidate its position in the DeFi sector.”

As a result of the partnership, CoinMarketCap will use data provided by the DEXTools API and integrate platform links into all trading pairs it supports.

The DEXTools team says this will enable millions of CMC users to link directly to the platform to leverage DeFi’s deep data analytics.

Where to find information
The data for DEXTools can be found by going to the Exchange section of the CoinMarketCap website and clicking on the DEX button.

Then a complete list of decentralized exchanges is presented, arranged by volume in the last 24 hours, and as a result, by market share.

By clicking on Uniswap, users can then rate the 1,430 markets present in this DEX at the time of writing and click on the DEXTools icon for a final analysis.

For example, the USDC / WETH page in DEXTools provides insight into the total equity observed in this trading pair, along with the daily volumes, the total current WETH and USDT volumes, and the total transactions in the last 24 hours.

The reliability of trading pairs is assessed using DEXT Score, which runs on a scale from 1 to 99. The Community Trust feature was also added last December so that DEXT subscribers and superusers can vote for or against the trading pairs. This tool is designed to combat community fraud and support legitimate projects.

More information from DEXTOOLS here
Data from a similar site recently showed that CoinMarketCap was visited more than 100 million times in February – more than Investopedia, Bloomberg, Reuters, and The Wall Street Journal.

A powerful and intuitive experience
As Cointelegraph previously reported, DEXTools is improving Uniswap by introducing a pool explorer that allows investors to discover new trading pairs – showcasing promising ventures and highlighting scams. Pairs explorer also provides real-time analysis and Wallet Info tool allows you to track and trace addresses.

Similar data for DEXTools shows 4.75 million visits in February – an increase of 47% month over month, up from 3.25 million in January.

All of this is happening as the DeFi sector continues to thrive, and a variety of tokens in the industry have recently risen to their full peak.

DEXTools offers a free package that provides real-time data, desktop price alerts, and access to group and pairs of explorers. Those who subscribe to the standard monthly subscription can also enjoy an ad-free experience, tracking as many trading pairs as they like, and will soon be able to take advantage of restricted orders and trading robots.

Premium members can earn a portion of their subscription income and have access to a host of exclusive special gifts and early project start-up tours.

Looking ahead, NFT’s marketing and pre-sales tools will hit the market in the second quarter of this year – along with improvements based on community feedback. CEX Instruments and additional integration with DEX will follow in the third quarter.

Source: CoinTelegraph