So Bitcoin looks set to expire this week at a distance of $ 11,000. Experts suggest that the next test of upper-level support will be $ 11,100 before going to $ 12,100. Statistician Willie Wu is optimistic. He believes that the probability of a “catastrophic” dump is small.

However, some bitcoins cannot be flushed. Over $ 1 billion of bitcoin has been converted to access DeFi protocols on the Ethereum network. That’s about 100,000 bitcoins and over 12 percent of Defi’s total capital.

These icons have been having a hard time lately. Almost all DeFi assets have recently lost, and some have fallen 50%. The market has now recovered, and has gained 19% in one day.

But if you want to know where the market is headed – at least the Ethereum market – you can check out Polkadot’s price action. Analysts note that DOT price activity expects air from 15 minutes to four hours.

These steps can help speculators to make a lot of money, but a total basic income can ensure that everyone has enough money. This is what eToro is trying to do with GoodDollar. Currency allows everyone to demand a digital currency that they can convert to fiat currency.

But of course coins and tokens are not just for use. Russian pop singer Oleg Kenzov demonstrated yet another use of blockchain in the real world, using technology to transfer digital rights to one of his songs.

However, not all musicians use blockchain technology properly. The US Securities and Exchange Commission has accused Rapper T. of promoting a false cryptocurrency offer. Brooke Pearce sought legal action for share fraud as part of a lawsuit against Pierce participated in his presidential campaign rally at the time. But Chef Nomi returned $ 14 million from ETH to the SushiSwap Development Fund. He took $ 27 million from the fund after transferring control of the project to FTX CEO Sam Bankman-Fried.

Gene Simmons, lead singer of Kiss, suggested that he is working to make cryptocurrency more accessible. The glamorous rocker responded to a long thread with tweets from Cameron Winklevoss and argued that it should be easier for people to get Ethereum and Bitcoin. “I will. I will,” replied Simmons.

However, Apple is doing everything to make things even more difficult. Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong says the technology company is blocking blockchain companies that allow iOS apps to make money with cryptocurrency and access to DeFi apps.

But even if you can not win cryptocurrency on your iPhone, you can still enjoy the benefits of cryptocurrency trading. Aviatrade, an aircraft dealer, offers a private jet. The Gulfstream G650ER preferred by Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk is available for $ 40 million in Bitcoin.

We also spoke with Pascal Luria, CEO of CoinAnalyst, an artificial intelligence-driven big data and information platform for all cryptocurrencies and STOs / ICOs worldwide, which gives any trader in the crypto-asset sector and other industries access to a dashboard that tracks and analyzes . Emotions, trends, patterns and weak signals in real time from the cryptocurrency market and STO / ICO.

The faster BTC explodes, the better the $ 11,000 ceiling will be.

Source: CoinTelegraph