The Non-Mushroom Decentralized Symbol Project says it aims to reduce barriers to entry for artists, creatives, and photographers by making it easier to create their NFTs.

Unique.One claims that interest in digital art continues to grow, and this is a “great opportunity” for advertisers to reach new audiences and make money.

While a number of NFT platforms are already in place, the core volunteer development team claims. Some of these markets overwhelm the creators, censor their work, or get a lot of support from the company to truly represent the needs of society.

He has adopted a different structure and governance model to ensure that the NFT project is designed by the community … for the community.

Unique story
Unique.Ene’s idea came from a late-night discussion at the height of the coronavirus crisis last year, when isolation and quarantine were commonplace.

A community of artists, developers, designers, programmers, engineers, marketers, and project managers from around the world – all of whom have great interest and expertise in coding – have set one goal: leveling the playing field for talented people looking for new revenue streams due to the pandemic.

The art market they set up celebrates diversity – and the founding team says their decentralized, unlicensed approach makes this project unique.

Unique.One says 2020 was a “black year of art” as major festivals were canceled, museums and galleries were forced to close, and travel restrictions imposed. In order to encourage creativity, the platform claims to charge buyers a transaction fee of only 1%, which is less than the fees charged by competitors. To make the deal even more enjoyable, there is a free reward rule for artists, which means that the creators will always have the full price at which their work is sold.

Society for Society
Unique.One partnered with IRL Art to bridge the gap between digital and physical art and to increase awareness and engagement. Both projects pursue a similar mission – and while Unique.One’s spirit is focused on “community, for community,” IRL Art’s motto is “artists by artists”.

More information from UNIK.EN here
As an employee-owned organization, IRL Art implements progressive profit-sharing models and self-funded sharing agreements – for example, keeping the Black Love Mural Festival digitally for everyone to experience.

IRL art and exclusivity. We collaborate on three projects that explore the innovative relationship between physical artists and blockchain technology. The first project is a VR exhibition created in Cryptovoxels in the spirit of Metaverse Artifacts created by IRL Art for ETHDenver 2021. This will be followed by a pop-up display of cryptography art in a physical gallery and the world’s first fully symbolic wall festival.

Big plans for the future
As Ethereum gas taxes increase barriers – and make them prohibitively expensive for artists looking to create their NFTs on the blockchain – Unique.One launched a second art market in the xDAI chain.

The ambitions of the project do not end there. Over time, Unique.One’s goal is to create more co-owned platforms specializing in photography, games, music and video so that the content can be auctioned off. All of this will become part of a wider ecosystem.

The next project, Unique.Photo, is expected to start in May and aims to motivate photographers, not profit from them.

Source: CoinTelegraph