After his recent educational foray into the blockchain world, Barstool Sports founder Dave Portnoy now appears to be promoting crypto pumps and vacuum systems by selling low value digital currencies.

After Postnoy posted a series of videos on Twitter, Portnoy said he found a new alternate currency that I’m interested in, but did not disclose the cryptocurrency that existed to date. He concluded that he didn’t want people to buy it before he did.

He later tweeted that he had diversified some of his cryptocurrency holdings into the Altcoin Orchid, which he referred to as the “Shitcoin OXT”, adding that the orchids “never die”.

Portnoy has expressed an interest in crypto pumps and their hangovers and stated that they are “encouraging” and can be done “all day”.

Satoshi Flipper, a cryptocurrency influencer known for his analysis, has warned people not to be “very careful” with Portnoy’s words because he “knows nothing about cryptography”.

The founder of Barstool Sports recently posted a video of his meeting with Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, the founders of Gemini Exchange. The twins met with Portnoy to explain Bitcoin in a way he could understand.

Source: CoinTelegraph