The long-awaited video game Cyberpunk 2077 turned out to be an unfinished product with a number of technical flaws, but this does not prevent it from becoming one of the most striking cultural phenomena of recent years. While some gamers are demanding refunds and the developers are working quickly on updates, I suggest taking a look at the extremely rich customization of the video game.

The picture is not very beautiful – this world is really a central hell. In the fictional world of Cyberpunk 2077, blockchain technology never existed or was implemented on a large scale. This is a world in which comprehensive decentralization never took place and the results are daunting.

Cyberpunk Universe 2077
The Cyberpunk 2077 universe is a world ruled by companies. This is the realm of aggressive capitalism in its worst form – one in which North Korea and the Soviet Union could intimidate their citizens.

The companies here are not just big companies that provide services and products to the community. Instead, in this world, corporations are powerful and strange entities seeking unlimited power. These divisions control manufacturing, agriculture, media, medical services and computing throughout the world, acting not only as corporations but literally as sovereign nation states.

Small and medium-sized companies in this world trade legally and try to cover their tracks. They do not hesitate to resort to practices such as extortion, extortion, bribery, espionage or the physical elimination of those who stand in their way.

Large companies in this world are the law. They create world governments and issue orders to their trained puppet politicians.

Night City, the city in which the game takes place, is a city – an independent state in the United States, which is completely controlled by the huge corporation Arasaka. The mayor and city council are elected by corporate representatives, and city police are often made up of what are called “corporate police” – highly paid special forces that are loyal to death from business leaders. The corporations, not the government, have a monopoly on violence here.

The business center of the Night City company is an ultramodern bright future in a city with majestic fortified skyscrapers where the company’s offices are located. In such areas, security is strictly guarded by the corporate police, and only a select few – corporate employees – will work and live there. Business employees and their families also have access to a safe and prosperous suburb that is also guarded by companies.

On the other hand, the poor parts of the city are rife with violence and crime. These neighborhoods are home to the poor and homeless, filled with blocks of ugly high-rise buildings and abandoned factories painted with graffiti.

Various clans rule here: Triads, Yakuza and others. The corporate police don’t even look at these parts of the city. These areas are controlled by an ordinary state police, equipped and motivated as well as companies. These cops are always ready to turn away when the case calls for it. In addition, the mafia often works in the interests of companies and protects the interests of the company in these areas.

This is a dark vision of the city of the future, as far as possible from a smart, utopian city.

Green companies?
To say that Cyberpunk 2077 companies are not overly concerned about the environment means nothing. Not only are they not responsible for the environment, they collect waste in rivers and pollute the atmosphere – as large corporations regularly do nowadays – no, they went much further.

When two companies at some point were unable to solve business problems legally or were paralyzed, they began to openly use military war against each other. This is how corporate wars began. In the world of Cyberpunk 2077, corporate armed conflict has become common business practice.

Corporations fought destructive wars, using nuclear weapons directly on territories in populated areas. This resulted in heavy civilian casualties, as well as radioactive contamination of the area. Thanks to the Corporate Wars, large areas of the United States have become lifeless, radioactive deserts. In general, outside of Night City, the territory of the United States is similar to Mad Max. It is a radioactive wasteland full of dead settlements, past which motorcycle gangs of criminals and nomads pass by.

The inequality and horrors of hypercentralization
The cyberpunk genre originated in the 1980s in the United States as a response to both the advancement of computer technology and the late capitalist period in which multinational corporations played a huge role.

The closed hierarchical structure of the company, excessive centralization, non-transparency of its activities and the emergence of huge monopolies led to wealth and interests.

Source: CoinTelegraph