For most of 2020, it wasn’t a very difficult year for cryptocurrency support.

The market, which appeared in a large, cruel bear market, proved once again that the skeptics were crazy and attracting a new group of converts because attempts to print money around the world made savers and traders a hard currency power. Since the coronavirus-related crash, prices have risen dramatically across the board, new sectors such as decentralized financing are in a parabola, and even institutions are finally enjoying.

However, in a year in which the portfolio has risen in value and longstanding supporters deservedly win, there are many voices and names that stand out for her dedication and enthusiasm.

As 2020 draws to a close, we are grateful for some of them:

Frankie MacDonald
With the hot summer of DeFi approaching, Canadian YouTuber and amateur meteorologist Frankie MacDonald caught the attention of crypto Twitter with his serious and emotional performance of Bitcoin (BTC).

MacDonald, which has been producing home content since 2009 and amassing nearly 125,000 followers on Twitter, regularly provides updates on Bitcoin prices throughout the year, and in a video titled My Bitcoin Advice, categorically states that “Bitcoin is worth more than a dollar.”

Nonetheless, a particular passage of Frankie’s important cheerleading work stands out in 2020. On the evening of August 7, near a lone highway in Nova Scotia, during sunset, MacDonald announces a wish, ritual, and blessing in the deep, dark great north:

This seems fair. It brings tears to my eyes. It awakens the brave enthusiasm in the soul of every con man, like a hymn to the motherland long forgotten.

MacDonald released the “I’m Talking About Bitcoin Again” video on August 7. Since then, Bitcoin has risen over 60% and is taking off like Nike’s pavilions themselves.

Thanks, Frankie.

Rich people
The rich! You know them. They are rich, and their applause for bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies could help them get richer, so they swung sharply throughout the year.

A wealthy, bearded man bought nearly 5,000 Bitcoins, describing the digital currency as an “economic enabler”. Another wealthy, but also gray-haired man bought a bunch of BTC, apparently monthly, until he finally crossed the billion dollar mark, making sure to tweet every day while he did so. Earlier this month, a wealthy, passionate, and famously bald man bought Bitcoin and declared anxiously, “I’m going to get bigger, bigger and bigger.”

Especially in the news about the billionaires: One of the first billionaires to dip their toes in the digital currency ran a major advertising campaign promoting their digital real estate investment tools. While it ended up attracting a bunch of new investors, most encrypted Twitter didn’t like it.

In fact, so many wealthy people have purchased Bitcoin that it has become impractical to report that the rich have purchased Bitcoin unless it is related to another event worth publishing.

It is impossible to blame the observer that it is difficult for him to separate these rich people. In the case of Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, this is almost impossible due to the fact that they are identical twins, and their rude actions on social networks can be controlled by the same apprentice:

Aside from Snark, many of the names mentioned above are responsible for creating the essential tools and portals to give other investors access to the cryptocurrency. Thanks to these wealthy people, more than one modest investor can find a path to financial freedom.

Restaurants in tahina
In a year when the wealthy seemed to be in a race to see if their corporation could supply the largest amounts of bitcoin, a Canadian chain of restaurants in the Middle East threw their caps in the ring, converting all of its cash reserves into bitcoin.

On August 18th, Tahini’s official Twitter site, a restaurant chain with four corporate branches and three branches in Ontario, made a major discovery, followed by a long and thoughtful Twitter string demonstrating the move:

The rationale appears to be taken directly from the Bitcoin extremist management: cash is consumed, not bitcoins; Cash reserves are less attractive in an inflationary environment; The world of paper money is a “music chair game” and in the end “the music will stop and some people will be left out”. This conversation was at times surprisingly intimate and described the journey to “getting to bitcoin” as a way of gradual enlightenment.

The restaurant chain also stands out not only for its audacity and transparency in transforming, but also for the intellectual seriousness and determination it has turned into.

In the next series, the series defines the story of gold and establishes Bitcoin’s supremacy. Recent tweets also feature Bitcoin meetings at franchise sites, as well as network sharing in a time-tested CR.

Source: CoinTelegraph