Nearly 100 characters from the popular crypto project CryptoPunks will be on display at bus stops and billboards in Miami for a month starting April 12th.

The gallery is organized by the nonprofit SaveArtSpace as part of Pixelated, a month-long, citywide public art gallery that will take place on the streets of Miami for the first time this year.

In addition to the 96 characters that will be on display across the city, unchangeable tokens will also be on display during the event as part of the CryptoPunk pop-up exhibition in association with art equipment retailer Blackdove at 69 East 41st St. Miami on April 15.

CryptoPunks was one of the first non-financial token projects to be built on Ethereum and launched in 2017.

Within the framework of the project, the tokens are marked with unique cartoon characters, whose value depends on the rarity of the characteristics they possess. All 10,000 cryptocurrency tokens were engraved at the launch of the project and were available for free use.

Since then, symbolic popularity has grown at exorbitant prices: CryptoPunk 6965, which has a monkey in a brown hat, selling for 800 Ether (ETH) worth over $ 1.5 million in February, and Punk 2890, which has a blue stranger. The purple hat sold in January for 605 ETH, valued at over $ 750,000.

Bank 6965:
SaveArtSpace said it aims to show the “diversity and depth” of CryptoPunks, noting that the project symbolizes individual expression through profile pictures on social media:

“In the same way that their own style allows them to express themselves in the real world, in online communities and organizations, people are starting to show their individuality through profile pictures. And in this digital expression, CryptoPunks is really starting to thrive.”
SaveArtSpace is a nonprofit organization that builds urban galleries with a focus on progressive topics such as resilience and social change.

The organization suggests that while non-innate codes have been around for several years, the increasing digitization of everyday life in the middle of the coronavirus lockdown may be a catalyst for a recent NFT barrier:

“The ongoing global pandemic has revolutionized the way people live, and changed the world forever in an instant. Like our ancestors before us, we had to adapt quickly or die. Although NFTs have been around for many years, they only start to flourish after The recent transition to a more digital life. ”
“By bringing these pixelated versions of our lives on the Internet into the real world, we hope to show the world the human side of this technological revolution,” he added.

This isn’t the first time CryptoPunks has entered the real world. In November 2019, project co-author John Watkinson printed and signed 12 canvases for sale at Zurich Art Gallery.

Source: CoinTelegraph