Encrypted pirate attacks pose an internal and external threat as pirate groups become more organized in an effort to exploit network vulnerabilities. However, there are also cases in which some officials use existing rights to make money from illegal mining using cryptography using corporate network resources, and many organizations are “not fully aware” of this, says Josh Limos, CEO of BlackBerry Research and Exploration.

Lemos told Cointelegraph that the cryptocurrency program is not necessarily malicious, but rather an opportunist, using calculated resources for financial gain, “although you often think it is associated with malware”, and this is also a fact that is not well ignored by some. Organizations when it comes to securing their networks.

Any malware could be dangerous
Lemos went on to explain that crypto mining applications are becoming more sophisticated nowadays, stating that crypto users do not need to be sophisticated and can be delivered in a variety of ways, from post-chain attacks to miners included in dock images. Positions, and malicious browser extensions. He added that “privatization is the main goal, and although detection is not a major risk, Trade Points can distribute miners everywhere.” And on a large scale. ”

In recent cases of encryption piracy such as Lucifer, pattern appears – a common use of XMRig crypto-miner attacks. BlackBerry CEO explained why Monero (XMR) is mostly used in attacks rather than in other currencies:

Monero is more profitable for the average user due to the nature of the mining algorithm. If you have uneducated users looking for a fast payment, you will have more options to use. The old saying goes that the best way to get rich from the gold rush is to sell shovels. In this case, the scoops also contain malware. ”

A pandemic involved in cryptocurrency attacks?
Lemos believes that the fact that hackers use full sets of malware with features that take advantage of multiple vulnerabilities to provide flexibility shows a growing trend in such cryptocurrency attacks, and that Lucifer “continues or develops this trend”

Since the COVID-19 pandemic is still active in many countries, Lamos argues that while cryptocurrency is considered an “alternative valuable investment”, the increasing trend of cryptocurrency attacks “is here to stay” because this is not about blaming the coronavirus. Precisely related jumps.

Source: CoinTelegraph