The Belgian company Crypto says that robots help traders “work smarter, not harder.”

According to 4C Trading, many cryptocurrency enthusiasts do not have access to advanced trading strategies – and this can lead to costly mistakes.

The company says that robots shop around the clock, making users less likely to miss out on trading opportunities that may arise when they are away from laptops.

Her team has developed “SMART robots” that “make computational decisions based on mathematical precision in a fraction of a second.”

Most importantly, 4C Trading says that the products are aimed at traders of all skill levels, whether they are new to cryptocurrencies or experts in digital assets.

How robots work
According to the company, the algorithm-based robots operate in accordance with market fluctuations. This means that cryptocurrencies are bought when prices actually jump and sold when a recession is confirmed, which helps to lock in profits.

4C Trading states that the installation of the robot is simple and hassle-free and can be done in a few minutes as it is connected to exchanges via API. This procedure only needs to be performed once, and the company’s customer support team is ready to help if users have problems.

The platform claims that the robots have proven themselves for more than two and a half years, and details of previous performance are presented through the dashboard. However, 4C Trading confirms that robots only record when there is a certain change of direction, adding: “They will open and close trades shortly after the first rise or fall.”

In total, there are three robots in operation: SMART BTC, SMART ETH and LINK. Each offers a different experience given how different the liquidity level and trading volumes are for each asset.

At the moment, 4C Trading notes that smart robots are present in the Binance spot market, and smart margins are in Binance Futures and FTX.

While the company is accurate in terms of exactly how smart robots work, the team says the algorithms are constantly improving, and has also suggested that robots may be launched on other assets in the future, provided there is sufficient liquidity.

Security is the focus of 4C Trading, and the company emphasizes that since it is a software solution that only executes trades, it does not hold money or facilitate withdrawals.

Get started with smart robots from 4C
To help cryptocurrency enthusiasts know if automated trading is right for them, 4C Trading is offering a free seven-day trial and discounts if users stick to a six- or 12-month subscription.

Join 4C to shop by phone here
For beginners, experienced traders and experts, three price levels are offered – with premium plans that generally offer higher trading limits. Each group comes with different smart robots, according to the team, and Smart Margins are included in all packages. Custom packages are also offered for businesses and large users.

The three founders of 4C Trading say that they are driven by a desire to create the best trading robots on the market and state that their products have been tested against competitors in the market.

One of the company’s main goals is to help traders achieve a better work-life balance, which means they no longer have to spend every minute of vigilance looking for the latest Bitcoin and Ether prices. But given how volatility occurs at any given time (the march for cryptocurrency traders in Europe took place in the middle of the night), the benefits can go beyond comfort.

Source: CoinTelegraph