The next cryptocurrency bull market will start sooner than most people think, according to Mark Yusko, founder and CEO of Morgan Creek Capital Management. Yusko believes that the next bullish wave for cryptocurrencies or, as he calls it, “crypto summer” could start as soon as the second quarter of this year due to a combination of more dovish central bank policies and Bitcoin’s prediction.

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While the US Federal Reserve is unlikely to cut interest rates anytime soon, according to Yusko, markets tend to anticipate the Fed’s decisions. This means that even a slowdown or pause in rate hikes will be interpreted as a signal of an impending pivot. This will create a positive dynamic among all risky assets, including cryptocurrencies.

“What I think is very likely is that the Fed will signal: ‘Okay, we’re fine. ‘ But that will be interpreted as ‘We’re going to cut’ and then risk assets will explode again,” Yusko noted.

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Along with the Fed’s more dovish policies, the anticipation of the Bitcoin halving, which is scheduled to happen in the second quarter of next year, will also add to the bullish sentiment in the market.

“The market always expects the halving to be […] nine months before that usually starts at the beginning of the summer,” Yusko said.

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