Since we are already knee-deep in December, it’s getting harder and harder to ignore some of the holidays that seem to permeate the air at any time this time of year – yes, even this year is the worst year in the world, (hisses) 2020.

Stores – well, the stores that have not been permanently closed, or at least forcibly quarantined due to the coronavirus pandemic that has defined so much in our lives over the last 12 months – add the season’s tones to what really looks like eternity. …

However, he is encouraged by the fact that only sickly groomed and underestimated people have invested more than superficial thoughts in what someone actually buys as a gift.

And fear not, because if your loved ones love Christmas with their cryptocurrency, Cointelegraph offers a number of inspiring gift ideas to help you look as caring as our hungry countrymen.

Classic Christmas
The wallet has been a staple of Christmas since the days of Charles Dickens, when Ebenezer Scrooge received it from Tiny Tim to possibly keep track of all the money.

In the world of cryptography, the default standard for securing your tokens is a hardware wallet, and there is plenty to choose from. In addition, software wallets are generally free and are not suitable to appear as a generous donor.

Ledger Nano X needs no introduction and is still one of the best hardware wallets around. And for Christmas, Ledger is offering a free $ 25 crypto coupon with every Nano X sold. Family packs (with three wallets) are also on sale, and the previous Nano S model is still available for those on a more modest budget.

Instead, the € 29 ($ 35) status card adds a physical security layer to the status app and cryptocurrency wallet that runs on Android and iOS mobile devices. We first met Key Cards in June and loved the simplicity of the system.

For transactions made via the app, you must click on the card that supports wireless communication on your smartphone to continue. Money transfer is simply impossible without a physical key card.

If you’ve been patiently waiting for the most popular and secure hardware box this year, Ngrave Zero, you’re afraid you’m not in luck – at least this Christmas.

Ngrave CEO Robin Merry has confirmed that the units purchased through the crowdfunding campaign for the project will ship in late December, and the rest will ship in January 2021. Of course, if your birthday comes up …

Gifts to wrap up
The humble Christmas sweater has seen a renaissance in recent years.

Originally, the sweater, which was usually given away by older but well-meaning relatives, was so ugly that it could only be worn at Christmas – while the older relative was present to see it – some elements of society have since assumed this as an expression. . sarcastic.

Let’s talk about the passion for postmodernism.

In any case, Hodlmoon offers a collection of ugly blouses for sale that combine traditional Nordic elements with bold logos in unusual color choices. Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH) and the family favorite Litecoin (LTC) are featured, along with a few esoteric options.

Do you have a brother or sister who you can photograph with a trosed to Cyber ​​or Polymath in knitted form? anyone? While the Brave jacket is adorned with privacy-focused browser logos, it can also indicate the user’s desired personality.

Remember that not all your loved ones will like this, but a suitable gift will be on the (bitcoin) moon of one of them. I even started getting used to the Monero jacket. Hmm, come on faster.

If the Christmas sweaters are a little striking (on the upper body?) To the recipient you want, maybe it would be better to give a pair of socks a code?

Socks are perfect for anyone who wants to claim to be a champion of cryptocurrency, and prove that they can still have as much fun as other people, but only when they sit down and get dressed.

Socks are also an innovative gift that is much cheaper than a sweater.

The Etsy salesman Dytanik has 29 different designs, each customized to fit a different icon.

With so many sales, it does not matter if the intended recipient is a fully paid XRP Army member, Aave Merchant, Binance Coin (BNB) dealer, Cardano Wizard (ADA) or even Tetherer (yes indeed). Regardless of how the disagreement lies in the encryption, there are a pair of socks you can swear allegiance to – unless you think Craig Wright is Satoshi Nakamoto.

XRP Heads Bonus Item (many words): On a more subtle level, this logo hat allows the wearer to denote the letter “X”

Source: CoinTelegraph