A new combined report of CoinShares market data recently showed an increase in cryptocurrency flows amid record outflows of gold.

The report, released on December 7, indicated that over the past four weeks, gold investment products recorded record outflows of $ 9.2 billion and Bitcoin products of $ 1.4 billion.

The pooled crypto fund sector has seen record inflows of $ 429 million over the past two weeks, as Ethereum funds have attracted significant investment since the expiry of Eth2 0 phase with the launch of Beacon Chain on December 1.

Despite the fact that cryptocurrency investment products account for 14% of capital, 20% or $ 87 million of capital flows were invested in funds with access to Ethereum last week.

The report estimates that there is currently $ 14.9 billion in crypto investment product management, and over 83% of it is grayscale investments.

CoinShares estimates that more than $ 336 million was invested in Grayscale over the past week. The ETC release ranked second among cryptocurrency providers with $ 19 million in streams, followed by 21Shares with $ 13 million.

Recent price action pushed the sector’s asset share represented by monthly flows to the second highest level ever, only offset by the increase in inflows that were set before Bitcoin’s halved value in 2020. The flow over the past month is about 0.4% of Sector total assets.

While more than $ 4.8 billion has been invested in cryptocurrencies this year, that number represents only 10.5% of the $ 45.7 billion that went into gold investment products this year.

Source: CoinTelegraph