Bitcoin (BTC) will “collapse” when the world finds an effective coronavirus vaccine, claims famous author Robert Kiyosaki.

In a September 15 tweet, Kiyosaki, known for his book Rich Dad Poor Dad, warned that a viable solution to Covid-19 would lead to assets in safe havens.

Kiyosaki: The vaccine crash would be an opportunity to buy bitcoins
“What happens when the vaccine is proven? Gold and silver Bitcoin will collapse. The ability to buy,” he wrote.

Kiyosaki goes on to argue that the virus has hidden the “real” problems at risk, especially for the US economy. With $ 26.7 trillion in debt, most of which arose from stimulus measures after COVID-19, the country is now bankrupt, according to the US National Debt Clock.

“The real problem is not a pandemic. In fact, the huge US debt problem. Bankruptcy of the United States. Balance sheet debt is $ 28 trillion. $ 120 trillion in addition to social obligations.”

“Gold Silver Bitcoin is the best long-term investment.”

The case for long-term investment in Bitcoin is becoming more and more general after the asset crash in March.

Despite its current strength, the US dollar is mostly in a bearish spiral that will get worse thanks to the Fed’s policy, which also appears designed to counter the downfall of the Coronavirus.

According to the Cointelegraph report, weakness in the US dollar index has weakened Bitcoin and gold in recent months, highlighting the reversal correlation that remains an important factor for traders.

On Wednesday, the Federal Reserve will provide fresh comments on its future participation in the market, which will increase expectations for dollar volatility.

Another trend confirming the rally in BTC / USD as the debt accumulated by central banks around the world increased this year.

The Emperor at Warren Buffett’s final warning
Meanwhile, Kiyosaki remains a staunch supporter of Bitcoin in any weather. In August, he urged Twitter followers to buy cryptocurrencies before the “major banking crisis” occurred.

The weakness of the dollar and the intervention of the Federal Reserve in the economy were the driving force behind its board. Warren Buffett left the US investment bank and bought gold – another alarm for the author.

“What does Warren Buffett do?” Warren Buffett has a huge cash position, and he recently moved into gold holdings, which is a completely different type of investment than he did in recent decades, and as of this week, he now has – a large position in Japanese stocks, ”interview with Max Kieser, RT host this weekend, often came to similar conclusions about the economy.

“It is exiting the dollar; I think it is very clear. That should be a red flag for people one of the most successful investors in the world is taking out the dollar.”

Also in August, Keizer predicted that Bitcoin would reach an all-time high in the near future as the current economic situation escalated.

Source: CoinTelegraph