Five innovative blockchain-based solutions to tackle the coronavirus pandemic have entered a € 15,000 ($ 17,640) prize pool after being selected as winners of the first hackathon for a tech company.

As Cointelegraph reported last month, Maxonrow presented talented developers with a number of challenges with bright ideas to stop the spread of COVID-19. The company’s goal was to provide new use cases and solutions for MedsLOCK, a control and communications system that provides real-time surveillance of the outbreak.

He became the winner in the Physical Distance category for Safe Movement by creating an algorithm that generates a live map to illustrate congested areas. The technology also provides a safety point so that consumers can easily avoid dangerous places in advance.

One of the main concerns of the pandemic was ensuring that test results are quickly checked, transmitted to patients, and stored. (The United Kingdom, one of the world’s largest economies, was forced to admit that it lost 16,000 test scores due to an error in Microsoft Excel.) The result was a winning team in the VeCura certification and certification category. A way to store test results securely in blockchain Maxonrow. …

Universal version
Other groups at a Maxonrow event called MAXathon focused on the economic impact of COVID-19. While governments around the world have presented stimulus packages designed to help businesses and consumers negatively impacted by prohibitive restrictions, some of them find it difficult to access the assistance they are entitled to. The winner in the sponsorship category was a team called Good and Fair, which has created the infrastructure to allow everyone to apply for scholarships or incentive packages that meet their needs.

Team 010 received an award for a new standard classification for virtual modeling after using zero knowledge cryptography to form cryptographic and identity obligations.

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Last but not least, Med-Chain won the UI / UX category and successfully created a machine learning platform that provides supply chain solutions to healthcare organizations. (Again, this is a timing issue if you look at the challenges facing the UK. The Swiss pharmaceutical company Roche, a major provider of the National Health Service, recently announced that a supply chain disruption would result in a “very significant” drop in test processing capacity.) …

Competitive field
Maxonro said people from over 30 countries took part in the hackathon. Initially, over 40 projects were submitted, but now the list has been reduced to 17 potential candidates.

A panel of seven judges was formed to determine the winners: Holger Schmidt, consultant at Strategy & PricewaterhouseCoopers; Nisa Amuels, Managing Partner, Grasshopper Capital; Malte Schoenefeld, Audi Project Development Director; Robert Vikko, CEO of Dash Core Group Inc. Sebastian Diacono and Muhammad Salman Anjum, CEO and CEO of Avantas Tech, respectively; And Carlo Chang, technical director of Maxonrow.

During the month-long hackathon, the contestants also received a lot of support thanks to one-to-one sessions with 19 top-notch mentors. These included a number of senior Maxonrow executives as well as DoxyChain CEO Gabriel Demowski, entrepreneurs Stephen Boylan and Joshua Glenn, and UN global blockchain expert Massimo Buonomo.

Given the success of MAXathon, Maxonrow said they will continue to plan activities that meet the needs of the growing developer community – hackathons that have real social impact.

It is also hoped that the innovative solutions carefully developed during this event will be used in future epidemics.

Source: CoinTelegraph