A new competition is underway to test a node written in the Rust programming language with the goal of breaking the world record for producing blockchain protocols on a real network.

The current Free TON node is written in C ++ and is already capable of handling thousands of transactions per second. Sharing plays an important role in this network as it means that smart contracts can be processed in parallel.

The Rust node is believed to be significantly faster due to better parallel operations, and Rust Cup organizers believe Free TON has the potential to outpace Solana, which claims to be the fastest blockchain platform with 50,000 transactions each. Second.

‘An event for the entire industry’
The Rust Cup was announced in December 2020 and was scheduled to start in February. Although the competition has yet to start, the warm-up is well underway.

One of the auditors, Anatoly Ustinov, said: “The release of the knot from Mitya Goroshevsky is more than an event for Free TON, it is an event for the entire industry. The work done is very impressive in terms of watches. And the scientific confidence is incredible.”

We are now encouraging more validators to participate, giving them the opportunity to continue their passion for the blockchain and are proud to develop technologies that can continually improve network performance. It’s a competition that has made history, and the competitors in pursuit of fame have the potential to win big prizes. Those interested in sharing can drop their hat by joining Telegram’s international verification group.

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How the competition will work
Rust Cup winners are expected to be selected, with prizes presented based on their ranking. Special prizes are also offered to those who discover errors in their host protocol or platform.

Auditors are already preparing in anticipation of rustnet’s debut, and a preliminary simulation of the network has already been done.

According to the rules of the race, each contestant will be awarded exactly the same amount of effort in the DePool contract they must complete, and the winner will be determined by the trophies they have obtained at the end of the competition.

Participants were warned that they will have to put up with network restart, node errors, bugs, protocol changes, and other unfriendly circumstances – and such issues should be part of the competition.

A Rust Cup leaderboard has also been created, which means viewers can see how each individual contestant is progressing in real time.

‘Strong potential’
The Rust Cup comes on the heels of news that Free TON’s blockchain development arm TON Labs has raised $ 6 million in a round of investment led by venture capital firm Runa Capital.

The funding will go towards developing a new free blockchain product environment – and Rona Capital states that TON Labs is the only blockchain company to which it has allocated direct funding.

Rona Capital General Partner Dmitry Chekachev said the company sees great potential in its Free TON high-performance decentralized computing platform, adding: “The team, its complex approach, and the open source TON project is fundamentally different from other blockchain companies. To support such a unique project.”

Source: CoinTelegraph