Blockchain company ConsenSys has officially partnered with open source Protocol Labs to integrate the Filecoin storage market with ConsenSys Ethereum series of products.

According to the announcement, miners, developers and Filecoin network users will have access to ConsenSys development tools such as Infura, MetaMask and others to integrate with Ethereum’s decentralized financial ecosystem.

Last Thursday, at block 148888, the Filecoin network launched its public backbone, which contains over 600 petabytes of data, as well as 600 active data networks and 230 projects that interact with the storage protocol.

James Beck, head of global public affairs at ConsenSys, told Cointelegraph that DApps and Ethereum projects could be “more decentralized by storing relevant data on Filecoin instead of relying on a centralized cloud service.”

Beck commented on why this integration is so important to Filecoin:

Applications on Ethereum require a decentralized storage solution, so integration with Infura and MetaMask is important for developers to easily leverage Filecoin / IPFS integration with Ethereum. […] ConsenSys added Codefi which offers coding, trading and matching products. For the DeFi sector in support of Filecoin, it will use the Activate platform to spur the launch of the Filecoin network.
Through Infura, Codefi, MetaMask and other ConsenSys projects, Joseph Lubin, Founder and CEO of ConsenSys, stated that developers “seamlessly integrate IPFS and Filecoin functionality” into their applications and “seamlessly interact with Ethereum-based functionality and other applications in each of them … the stacking layer, from the protocol layer to the economic layer with DeFi. ”

On Wednesday, Codefi Activate also launched Filecoin Storage, a file storage management dashboard accessible via a web app and API. According to Filecoin, the goal is to make the pricing of Filecoin NAS “simple and transparent”. A spokeswoman for Filecoin also shared with Cointelegraph some of her upcoming plans:

“We also work continuously between ConsenSys R & D and Mesh R & D to create a secondary recovery marketplace where users can retrieve data securely stored with Filecoin. The secondary search market will expand participation in the Filecoin ecosystem by offering a range of file finders, including browsers and phones.

Source: CoinTelegraph