Most DeFi projects believe the industry is far from mature, but they are confident that mass adoption is likely to occur. This became known on September 21 when Cointelegraph Consulting published the results of the DeFi survey in DeFi Adopt 2020: A Complete Guide to Going to Market.

The study shows that 48% of large DeFi projects expect mass adoption within 3-5 years, while 8% believe it can take over 10 years.

Of all respondents, 89% agreed with the idea that DeFi should be scaled broadly and eventually be widespread, while 8% said that they disagree with this expression.

The idea that existing projects work in the long term should allay fears that DeFi is only a temporary trend. Despite many fast forks and opportunistic developers wanting to take advantage of the recent market craze, progress is still a focus for the major industry players.

To further illustrate the start of the industry, the survey also showed that 32% of DeFi projects generated less than $ 100,000 in revenue in 2019, with a further 24% in preliminary revenue. This allows for growth as products and platforms become more usable and efficient.

The most important planning area is to focus on B2B business models. While the DeFi industry is primarily adopted by retail users at this stage, 36% of the projects believe that organizations will be a very important sector for them.

While only a third of respondents plan to remain in the retail sector, other platforms are moving towards launching services for businesses (48%), small and medium-sized enterprises (35%) and large businesses (28%). Furthermore, 30% of DeFi projects are focused on the simultaneous delivery of services to several sectors.

The survey respondents included top 50 project managers in lending, portfolio management, decentralized exchanges, portfolios, synthetic assets and more. It was present in 11 countries, of which 38% in Europe, 33% in North America and 29% in the Asia-Pacific, and demonstrated a distributed growth structure in the DeFi industry.

The report also covered a number of aspects, including key issues, key platforms and measurements to track, and helped raise awareness and provide more educational material about the emerging industry.

Source: CoinTelegraph