Santiment’s latest data published in the Cointelegraph Consulting newsletter each week shows that the total balance of wallets containing small amounts of Bitcoin (BTC) continues to decline. This indicates the downward trend of retailers, which is in stark contrast to the aggressive accumulation strategies of the large owners.

Social media accounts confirm what is visible on the web. The average attitude towards bitcoin has been steadily declining over the past two weeks, indicating growing fatigue in terms of the main currency’s short-term potential.

Volume was another bearish indicator. Since its peak of $ 60 billion in November, Bitcoin’s trading volume has declined to only $ 29 billion on December 9. With sentiment, interest in trade and trading volume dwindling, many are suspicious of a new permanent job.

It’s worth noting, however, that bearish sentiment and declining buying interest are buying signals for those looking for evidence of growth. Both of the biggest spread of bitcoin this year, in July and October, are mostly due to a downtrend.

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Source: CoinTelegraph