Christie’s will sell its first non-exchangeable token at an upcoming auction for what has been described as the “greatest work of art” in Bitcoin (BTC) history.

Art historian-turned-blockchain artist Robert Ellis created Portrait of the Mind, a massive series of 40 paintings over 50 meters long.

Based on the conceptual history of the 20th century as well as the legend behind the creation of Bitcoin, Portrait of Mind is a hand-drawn version of the 12.3 million digits of the code that launched the cryptocurrency.

By spreading the code base across 40 blocks distributed globally, the project will “create a global network of 40 assemblers where no one person has all the code,” Alice said. It is to explain:

“In each work, the algorithm found a set of statues of witches, which were marked with gold together. They read a set of coordinates unique to each plate. There are 40 locations spread across 40 panels – each location has a specific meaning of Bitcoin’s history.”

Alice spoke to Cointelegraph and said he was still curious to see why so much of Bitcoin’s memory confirmed the publication of a white paper outside the code base itself, which for him is “a true historical document.”

Christie’s will sell one block from the Block 21 series (42.36433 ° N, -71.26189 ° E) at a postwar and modern day auction on October 7, at the end of a week-long exhibition. Auction works in New York.

The item has a unique mushroom symbol as an integral part of the business and will be offered at an estimated price of $ 12-18,000.

Among the earliest collectors of Portrait of the Mind are founder Binance Changpeng Zhao and Bloq President Matthew Rozak. Alice said that by presenting and selling NFT at Christie’s, he hoped to encourage other contemporary artists to take a look at the NFT Room.

In addition to creative inspiration, artists can draw inspiration from the dynamic cultural, artistic and political history of cryptocurrencies, and NFT can give artists “more control and effort in their long-term practices.”

Just last week, Cointelegraph reported an auction of digital art based on fluctuations in price for Bitcoin that sold for more than $ 100,000. Like Portrait of the Mind, he merged NFT artwork to provide his university with symbolic ownership.

Source: CoinTelegraph