Blockchain Services Network (BSN), the largest blockchain infrastructure initiative in China, now has a unified programming language for smart contracts.

Red Date Technology, a major technology company involved in BSN development, will add support for DAML, a smart contract language developed for new digital assets in the United States.

Following the news release on September 14, company executives said that DAML will now be the “exclusive standard” for the development of decentralized applications, or DApps, operated by BSN.

The integration will ensure the interoperability of DApps regardless of the blockchain network used. This way, developers do not have to rewrite their smart contracts every time they deploy a particular BSN application on a new platform based on another blockchain.

According to the announcement, Red Date Technology and Digital Asset plan to complete the first beta of DAML on BSN by November 2020. The beta will include the distribution of a DAML program that runs between two blockchains – IBM’s Hyperledger Fabric and WeBank’s FISCO BCOS.

Representatives of the company said that the application will be further integrated into the BSN infrastructure. After the experience, it is expected that developers in 2021 will be able to create with DAML on BSN.

Red Date Technology CEO Yifan He said that DAML will now function as BSN’s exclusive smart contract language:

By choosing DAML as the exclusive BSN-smart contract language, our developers will be able to seamlessly and mutually use a single smart contract language across the entire blockchain. ”
Digital Asset co-founder and CEO Yuval Rose stated that connecting to global blockchain platforms is “the key to global adoption,” saying:

“There are many blockchain platforms available in the market, […] BSN already has incredible strength with over 130 production nodes throughout China. By integrating with DAML, BSN will have a unified application language and an extended communication protocol. further incorporate this vision. ”

Launched in late 2019, BSN is a government-sponsored initiative that aims to support medium-sized companies that build and distribute blockchain applications. BSN will integrate stablecoin support in 2021 to open up payment methods for various services across the BSN ecosystem, reports Cointelegraph.

Earlier this year, WeBank – a new Chinese private bank founded by Tencent – began exploring the possibility of integrating DAML into the FISCO BCOS blockchain consortium.

Source: CoinTelegraph