Chinese financial technology company Ant Group, which is now preparing to launch its first IPO, which could become the largest in the world, has announced a new platform with its blockchain businesses.

Ant Group originated from e-commerce giant Alibaba and is the parent company of China’s largest digital payment service Alipay.

AntChain, the blockchain trading company of the Ant Group, today launched a new platform for digital copyright services. It combines blockchain technology and artificial intelligence to allow creators to authenticate and validate all original content – be it videos, images, or written content.

The platform creates a unique anti-tampering digital copyright certificate and authenticated stamp for every work uploaded to the database. The testimonials are intended for use in cases of copyright infringement and tort infringement. The company claims that these services can save its users 95% of the costs normally associated with acquiring copyright and certification.

Additionally, the AntChain platform includes a digital ID and search services to help creators more effectively track and detect potential copyright infringements. According to AntChain, nearly 10 million original artwork is already uploaded and approved daily on the new platform.

One of the first new platform partners to join the trial period, Shanghai C.C. Digital Music Distribution Network. Musical culture. The AntChain platform creates smart contracts that automatically record and distribute the income received from network musicians and rights distributors.

Since 2015, when Ant Group began working with blockchain-based solutions, they have developed their increasingly complex platforms that combine technology, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things, and also support blockchain research and development abroad.

Despite its strong commitment to the blockchain, the company has also rebranded AntChain with a lot of humor and scope.

Source: CoinTelegraph