CBS, America’s leading media agency, will broadcast a documentary on the destruction of the dark web market, Silk Road.

It shows an interview with Julia Vee, the ex-girlfriend of Silk Road Ross Ulbricht founder, who claims that Dread Pirate Roberts isn’t driven by money – so much so that he didn’t even have a car – and that he wasn’t a drug driver.

Ulbricht was convicted in 2015 on charges of aiding and abetting drug smuggling, illegal ID card trafficking and money laundering in 2015, and sentenced to life in prison plus 40 years.

There are demands for the release as part of an ongoing campaign that is popular with some in the crypto community. Supporters of her case are working to make the actual copy of this statement available online.

FBI’s Declassified: The Dangerous Journey of the Silk Road aims to bring viewers closer to the FBI investigation that destroyed the illegal market by making Bitcoin the primary payment method.

In the documentary, FBI agents discuss how to use the Silk Road for all kinds of illegal activities such as selling drugs, weapons, poisons, hacking computers, and even discussing murder for rent.

Julie Vee says in an excerpt from the documentary that she remembered how he came up with the name.

“He said something about […] the Silk Road in Asia […] and that it was a large network […] and that was what he wanted to create, so he thought it was a perfect name.”
She added that he spent “nearly 24 hours a week” on the computer, and their relationship collapsed soon after Ulbricht founded Silk Road. She said she knew it was a dark thing, but had no idea it was too big, V continued;

“I think he knew he was going to be arrested – and he would be martyred for his case.”
FBI agents working on the case cited drug use and death as the main reason the government wanted to close the Silk Road. After several unsuccessful attempts, they finally got lucky due to a “code error on the site” that eventually led to Ulbricht.

In an interview, Vee stated that Ulbricht was not a street-smart guy, and added;

“It wasn’t a drug store at all […] He didn’t even spend the money he earned […] I mean most of the thieves buy furs and jewelry and live that kind of life. He didn’t have a car!”
Last week, the US Department of Justice seized nearly $ 1 billion in bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies from the Silk Road wallet, which has remained unchanged since 2015.

Source: CoinTelegraph