Podcaster Joe Rogan used the opening episode of the last episode to read a cash sponsor ad and educate listeners about purchasing Bitcoin.

In section 1515 The Joe Rogan Experience, published on July 28, Rogan adopted his usual accent used to bind sponsors of the ad – including the cash app – before continuing to make some serious technical comments about Bitcoin (BTC) like betting on betting.

Rogan said: “Bitcoin is a convertible digital currency and operates like a peer-to-peer decentralized payment network that users manage without a central authority.”

“I love it. I would like this to be how we exchange currencies, maybe it will be so in the future. Join us.”

What is Joe group?
The podcast might know that many 200 million listeners or three listeners Alyssa Milano, according to the actor, may not be familiar with the term “speed”, which reflects who is truly the creator of Bitcoin Satoshi Nakamoto:

“I don't even know if this is the real name. It's one of the weird things when the Internet has always been trying to find its identity.”

Rogan previously mentioned that his podcast doesn't necessarily need ads from the Cash app, which (if right) makes authentication at least partially real.

Communicate with influencers
Cash, the Square payment service, has given users the ability to buy and sell BTC since 2018. However, Twitter and Square Dorsey's CEO oversaw the promotion of the service. The app has sponsored Rogan Podcast since at least February 2019, when the host was criticized during an interview, for asking Dorsey Softball questions.

Dorsey also tweeted a picture of the Bitcoin logo on the NASCAR cash-sponsored NASA-powered car application backed by Daryl “Bubba” Wallace on July 14. Wallace, the only African-American contestant in the best NASCAR racing series, has been known in recent months for his efforts to combat racism in this sport.

Sponsorship of the cash app, selection of encryption
In June, Cointelegraph reported that Rogan uses a privacy-focused Brave browser to avoid online advertisements and Google tracking. Podcasts also had prominent guests on podcasts of encryption, including Bitcoin Bull Andreas Antonopoulos and Elon Musk.

Source: CoinTelegraph