In less than two months, a Canadian Bitcoin Bitcoin $ ETF attracted $ 1.1 billion in assets under management, while two funds rose to the assets under management.

Project Securities ETF, the first bank to trade Bitcoin (BTC) in North America, saw its assets under management reach $ 1.1 billion less than two months after it Getting started. Two Bitcoin ETFs were launched shortly after the event in Canada saw their assets under management reach $ 200 million over the same period, bringing the value of the ETFs’s. Canada. Bitcoin up to $ 1.3 billion.

The Bitcoin ETF issue went on sale in late February, trading nearly $ 100 million on the first day. ETFs raised more than $ 500 million in assets in the first week because investors could enter the Bitcoin market with no assets at all.

The approval and launch of the regulators of the ETF strategy marked the opening of Bitcoin trading, and two more ETFs will be launched next week.

The success of the FFA objective is a perfect example of a first-time initiative to make a real profit, as it continues to claim the lion’s share of the FLS industry. The Evolve Fund Group Bitcoin ETF was launched two days ago and has only $ 106 million in assets under management, according to its website, despite offering a 25 percent transaction fee for the topic.

Similarly, the CI Galaxy Bitcoin ETF, which was launched a few days ago, has more than $ 90 million in assets under management and now its transaction value is down 0.4%. In a report by Globe and Mail of Canada. However, all ETFs have seen their price rise in line with Bitcoin’s recent rise as the price per share has risen since its inception.

Many US companies have registered for Bitcoin ETFs with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. However, no funds have yet been approved for the United States. Digital Galaxy, SkyBridge Capital and Fidelity have split EF services in recent months among other companies. Although the general idea is that one (or all) is accepted, the word is still far from the other.

Some analysts believe the US will see its first Bitcoin ETF launch in a year or two, while others expect Bitcoin to rise even more now with a few examples. Others are more North American rulers than fast rulers.

Source: CoinTelegraph