A gourmet store in Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada, was seriously injured after two clumsy crooks attempted to steal a Bitcoin ATM installed in a nearby store.

At around 3 a.m. on October 7, two suspects attempted to steal a Bitcoin ATM on the back wall of a nearby store, to no avail. In an attempt to run empty-handed, they drove their white GMC Sierra pickup to L&D Meats and Deli and smashed the front wall.

The probability of being caught appears to be very high, when the local police noticed that the robber managed to escape through the back door. Kelowna Police spokeswoman Solana Barry said:

“A preliminary assessment by staff on the site indicates that despite the thousands of dollars in damage, it appears that nothing has been taken from inside the facility, as the suspects failed to hijack a Bitcoin ATM.”
Given how inefficient the attempted theft is, you have to wonder if the criminals hope to steal bitcoins inside the device, or if they want the money.

The kind owner Don Fawville apologized for the time of the accident, stating that Thanksgiving is fast approaching and his customers expect to receive pre-ordered meat before the holiday.

Vavel said the damage will be covered through his insurance, and he is now focused on trying to get his business back on track. “This is all we can do to take care of everyone,” he told local media.

“They are getting their turkeys,” he promised.

Bitcoin ATM theft doesn’t seem to attract the most sophisticated criminals. On November 2011, a thief broke into a grocery store in British Columbia and hacked a Bitcoin ATM that was installed inside. They stole $ 4,000, but left $ 50,000 by chance.

Source: CoinTelegraph