Crypto Crypto Bitcoin Suisse recently installed a blockchain-related Christmas ad at Zurich Central Station in Zurich, Switzerland. The ads, largely inexplicable for non-native speakers, include a piece of broccoli, a shoe and a bitcoin (BTC).

The text above the pictures reads Neujahrsvorsätze, the German word for “New Year’s resolution.” Dissatisfied with the printed description of the seemingly non-materialized series of objects, Cointelegraph contacts Bitcoin Suisse for further clarification. Mark Bowman, Head of Marketing and Communications, explained:

“You can eat healthy food and exercise, but Bitcoin has nothing better than investing in your future.”
To the left of the broccoli, shoes and bitcoin collection, another ad contains three Christmas trees, varying in size from left to right: small, medium and large. The star at the top of each tree appears to be a symbol of Ethereum. Above them is the expression: Weihnachten mit Bitcoin, which translates to “Christmas with Bitcoins.” Baumann told the Cointelegraph that “the value of the dollar in bitcoin rises every Christmas Eve.”

“Apart from Zurich Airport and our bitcoin tram going through Zurich, we thought we would put Bitcoin back on the radar to end well, along with the price increase and the successful launch of ETH2,” said Bowman.

Bowman cited several indicators of cryptocurrency growth in 2020, including the emergence of major players such as Paul Tudor Jones and the decentralized economic boom.

“Of course, this ad does not reflect the depth of it, but it is a good symbol of growing adoption,” he said. Bitcoin Suisse also has other ads placed around airports and a tram painted with Bitcoin Suisse colors and text.

Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency ads have also appeared over the years, including televised by Grayscale.

Source: CoinTelegraph