Multinational and entertainment company WarnerMedia joins the blockchain gaming ecosystem through its subsidiary Turner Sports.

The company responsible for sports broadcasting on channels such as TBS, TNT and TruTV recently announced the launch of “Blocklete Games”; A platform that allows players to collect, train, trade and compete digital athletes while winning cash prizes.

This is made possible thanks to the introduction of non-fictional tokens, or NFTs, encrypted tokens, each of which is unique despite being released according to the same specifications as other tokens of this type.

Fans who join Blocklete Games will be able to acquire digital athletes called “Blockletes”. These players can be bought and sold through the games brand’s open market platform. Positioned as Ethereum tokens, each blocklet has its own signature that guarantees the uniqueness of each player.

Turner Sports also announced its first platform game, Blocklet Golf, a simulation game that introduces NFT-enabled Blocklet golfers.

Ian Adiga, Vice President of Business and Strategy Operations at Turner Sports, commented on the company’s interest in the blockchain industry:

At Blocklete Games, we see a transformative opportunity to give fans more control over video games by changing the traditional power dynamics between player and publisher. Our service uses blockchain so that everyone can play personal sports with their friends, which can also bring in profit from investing in the game. ”

WarnerMedia’s Turner Sports said the company has partnered with BitPay to allow users to purchase Blocklete and Blocklete holdings with Bitcoin (BTC), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), XRP, ETH and other four-dollar coins (to be announced soon).

Last July, Craig Russo, chief innovation officer at Polyient Games, said the NFT market represents one of the “most compelling opportunities” of all digital assets. He stated that direct uses had already been found in art, assembly, and even in the toy industry.

Source: CoinTelegraph