Blockchain development company brings crypto community ‘good luck’ through decentralized products


Technology is more than just a status symbol. Instead, with every release comes a solution that makes our lives more comfortable and safer.

Therefore, when considering how technology can change the way we interact with money, it is only appropriate that its use is more convenient and safe than the current standard offered with paper money.

Neko, a blockchain development company focused on blockchain innovation through a suite of decentralized technology products, is showing the full benefit of virtual currencies.

The team draws inspiration from Maneki-Neko, a series of famous Japanese figurines known to bestow their owners good luck and fortune. By moving forward with this sentiment, the Neko developers aim to provide a safe and streamlined experience for the cryptocurrency community. To do this, the team is looking to roll out an ERC-20 token, MANEKI-NEKO/NEKO, a non-holster hardware wallet, a non-holster software wallet known as NekoMask, and a well-known security testing and auditing solution such as NekoGuard.

Seeing fortunately
Good luck and wealth are evidenced in the symbol of Neko. With the Neko token, holders benefit from a combination of reward and contraction tokens. However, wealth is only part of the larger mission Niko is trying to accomplish.

As the value of assets increases, asset holders must think about how to store their assets and rewards safely and securely. Neko handles this with a hardware and software portfolio. “DeFi wallets should be built in Defi and owned by DeFi, not owned by a major central bank,” says Joy Poirot, CEO of Neko.

On the software side, NekoMask offers the world an unguarded software portfolio designed with a strong focus on the end-user experience, while keeping in mind features like two-factor authentication (2FA) and fast disconnection. With two-factor authentication (2FA), any unsecured third party access and unauthorized transfers are eliminated, and with Quick Separation, users can easily and instantly detach their wallet from any website. The development team at Neko has simplified the process even further with a customizable gas preset mode that allows users to set their own network fees before their transactions.

As effective as a software wallet, users are also encouraged to keep a hardware wallet. Hardware wallets exist as a physical device where investors can store digital assets across the chain completely offline, reducing the chances of funds being attacked.

More information on NEKO here
NekoGuard complements the product range with a comprehensive project audit service focused on security. Layers such as smart contract audits, manual code reviews, and DeFi brand audits can be leveraged to reduce risk and provide protection for DeFi investors for a subset of the cost of the centralized alternative.

Together, Neko marks the beginning of a larger ecosystem of industry change, one they believe will become a standard in the future of cash transactions.

Expand production line
After launching their shows, The Neko has built a strong community and following that spans the DeFi space. The team has since begun to undergo development and production of The Neko (Hardware Wallet) and NekoMask (Software Wallet), which are said to be released soon.

Due to the upcoming release, the team has made NekoMask their current focus. After the release of NekoMask, the team plans to release an enterprise software portfolio (multisig) and a more economical model while simultaneously improving and expanding their existing products and auditing services (NekoGuard).



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