A blockchain-based application has been launched with the goal of making travel easier during a pandemic.

An app called ICC AOKpass allows users to instantly confirm their COVID-19 status. Dorje San, CEO of Blockchain Corporation in Berlin, told CIR magazine that ICC AOKpass “uses a common global standard that today can be distributed and used anywhere in the world. It is adaptable to country-specific regulations and allows users to prove their compliance status. COVID-19 anytime, anytime. ” A place. ”

ICC AOKpass has been tested by two companies including Singapore-based Energy Drilling and International SOS. The companies selected crew members heading to the oil drilling platform to perform a polymerase chain reaction (PCR) test for COVID, storing medical results on the app. The results were then sent to the customer and helped facilitate access through the Thailand airport.

Juliana Jim, CEO of International SOS Singapore, said ICC AOKpass’s successful experience shows everyone how to safely continue to travel in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

“The successful pilot project of ICC AOKpass with Energy Drilling is encouraging because it represents an important step in our journey and the goal of implementing a robust and standardized global system to facilitate return to work in many industries. We hope that this will become widespread over time to facilitate a quick, safe and reliable return to work. ”

The pandemic has prompted blockchain companies to consider how to ease travel restrictions imposed by the authorities.

Source: CoinTelegraph