Former BitMEX CEO Arthur Hayes is in talks to transfer it to US authorities next month in response to allegations made by the authorities against the four heads and co-owners of the stock exchange in October.

Transcripts of a conference call in court on 16 February. Hayes will surrender to the United States in Hawaii on April 6. Hayes and his other executives were accused of violating the Banking Secrecy Act of the US Department of Justice and the Commodity Futures Trading Commission.

The transcript describes assistant attorney Jessica Greenwood’s comments to the judge in charge of the case, with Greenwood indicating that she was in talks with Hayes regarding an expected voluntary surrender. Hayes is currently in Singapore, and the lawyer indicated that Hayes hopes to continue living abroad, but that she will represent interests in the United States in lawsuits if the process goes to court.

She said: “We discussed with a lawyer how we could arrange a voluntary surrender, and he suggested that we meet in the United States in Hawaii and then debut there,” she added:

The idea is that he will first appear in Hawaii, then appear before Your Majesty from a distance, and then continue to stay abroad with trips to the United States to appear as needed, and of course, if there is a trial, he will appear in the United States for trial in New York. ”
Greenwood also revealed that BitMEX owner Ben Dello plans to surrender in New York by the end of the month. However, she indicated that they are currently working with the FBI and Border Patrol to obtain an immigration permit that allows him to travel to the United States, although Delo is currently banned from traveling to the United Kingdom.

The lawyer also said that although co-owner Greg Dwyer refused to surrender, extradition procedures had begun to bring him back from Bermuda.

“As for the other three accused, […] we contacted a lawyer and discussed the possibility of appearing. They all presented when and how they would appear, ”Greenwood said. But she added:

“At the moment, we have no guarantee that any of this will happen.”
BitMEX CTO Samuel Reid was arrested in Massachusetts when BitMEX was indicted in October. Reed was released from custody after paying $ 5 million bail that month, and Reed agreed to abide by criminal proceedings.

In response to the hearing, the judge ruled that it was “reasonably impossible” to set a timetable for the motion and the trial. The judge set a date for the next meeting in May.

Hayes broke a month-long silence last month to post an article on the official BitMEX blog calling for a boycott of older financing in response to trading platforms that closed trading in the middle of a GameStop pump developed by subreddit, r / WallStreetBets.

Source: CoinTelegraph