Cryptocurrency Summary Data Glassnode has released data showing that Bitcoin’s (BTC) capitalization has increased by over 50% since it reached its permanent mark of $ 20,000 at the end of 2017.

The Realized Capitalization Calculation measures the value of each BTC when it was last moved in the chain, allowing analysts to estimate the total cost base for market participants.

However, currencies from central exchanges are missing from the accounts, indicating that the data is likely to be more accurate in value terms for long-term investors than intraday speculators.

The real ceiling for Bitcoin is currently at $ 115 billion – $ 43 billion more than the record for 2017. Bitcoin’s current market value of $ 190 billion indicates that Bitcoin owners are currently making a gross profit of 65%.

Realized BTC Capitalization: Glassnode
The Coinmetrics chart shows that capitalization realized continued to rise in the first months of 2018, forcing $ 90 billion to be tested three times between January and May, despite prices dropping below $ 10,000.

While speculation ahead of the halving led to Bitcoin’s realized capitalization up 6% in the second quarter of 2020, the sharp black Thursday crash reflected 2020 growth rapidly. Realized BTC’s capitalization has seen steady growth since May.

According to cryptocurrency researchers IntoTheBlock, over 72% of cryptocurrencies are currently profitable, with the most investment in prices dropping from $ 1040 to $ 5285 and from $ 8,450 to $ 9,560.

Number of BTC Wallets Currently Won: Intotheblock
Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum’s (ETH) capitalization of $ 26.3 billion is still far from recovering from previous highs – currently 25% below the 2018 record of $ 35 billion.

Realized capitalization of Ether has also seen a much longer downtrend than BTC, after setting a local low of $ 22.4 billion in mid-April 2020. According to Intotheblock, 62% of Ether addresses are currently profitable, with the largest share being bought for less than $ 160.

Source: CoinTelegraph