It has been a good week for the cryptocurrency markets. Bitcoin finally broke the $ 11,000 ceiling and continued to move. According to some experts, the currency may be heading for a completely bullish fashion for 2017. Other analysts have identified five events that could affect markets this week, including the impact of the choice on the dollar, Europe’s fight against Brexit and the Coronavirus. , and the speed of retail Bitcoin Gainer.

Stone Ridge Asset Management investment experts have pointed this out. After executives made personal investments in cryptocurrencies, the company generated an additional $ 1 billion in revenue by investing $ 115 million in bitcoin. Square just rejoiced. The payment company has now invested 1 percent of the company’s assets – approximately $ 50 million – in bitcoin.

The growing popularity of cryptocurrencies has led some people to speculate that cryptocurrency banks are likely to outperform mandatory banks over the next three years. In Italy, the banking system is struggling to stay ahead. About 100 banks now use the Spunta blockchain to speed up data transfers and settlements. In China, the city of Shenzhen donated a $ 1.5 million digital currency controlled by China’s central bank, the People’s Bank of China. Winklevoss Gemini continues to offer regulated payment options to UK customers.

Close to home, stuff … well, a little more careful. G7 said they would oppose Facebook’s Libra project to tighten censorship. Elon Musk denied that the Tesla Gigafactory factory had Bitcoin ATMs.

Things are more flexible in the DeFi universe. Chainlink is losing management in the ecosystem. The competition is heating up. Constellation Network builds the DeFi project according to the Hypergraph protocol and has announced support for early sponsors, including FBG Capital and Alphabit Fund.

Cornell University revealed that the busiest dissertation of the last eight years is the Aspens Adem Efe Genzer proposal, an algorithm for distributing workload. (If you’re looking for a good place to read this newspaper, you could do worse than the Satoshi cruise ship. It will soon dock in Panama Bay.)

This will definitely end a good week.

Source: CoinTelegraph