Cryptocurrency exchange Zebpay has launched an ad campaign for bitcoin during Indian Premier League cricket matches.

According to Twitter user Mohit Rai Sharma, the Zebpay ad was featured on Indian streaming platform Disney + Hotstar during a series of cricket matches that started on September 19. To pay just over $ 1 to start using the exchange.

Sharma said the announcement marked “a historic moment for cryptocurrencies in India”. In 2019, over 462 million people watched Indian Premier League matches, with nearly 300 million settings using the Hotstar platform.

Zebpay reopened in the country in January, shortly before the Reserve Bank of India lifted a two-year ban that prevented financial institutions from providing banking services to crypto companies. The current stock market crackdown comes on the heels of Bloomberg’s announcement on September 15 that the Indian federal government is currently considering legislative action to ban cryptocurrency again.

According to the Press Trust of India report released on September 22, Parliament, which was scheduled to meet before October 1, will likely close eight days earlier on September 23. This appears to be due to multiple organs being tested for COVID-19. India recently overtook Brazil to become the second country with the number of coronavirus cases; About 5.6 million at a time in printing.

There is no law banning cryptocurrencies from the list of accounts to be considered during a government agency session, said Tanvi Ratna, CEO of Policy Consulting 4.0.

The stock market has continued to expand in light of the regulatory uncertainty. In May, Zebpay announced that it had commissioned blockchain forensic firm Chainalysis to track transactions made via its platforms in India.

Source: CoinTelegraph