Bitcoin (BTC) reached $ 14,500 for the first time since the beginning of January 2018 on November 5 as the critical support was at $ 14,000.

BTC prize keeps $ 14,000 in support
Data from Cointelegraph Markets and TradingView showed that Bitcoin continued to rally in trading on Thursday amid market jitters over the US election outcome.

At the time of publication, the large Bitstamp Stock Exchange hit its highest levels at $ 14,560, after which the Bitcoin / USD exchange rate returned to fluctuations around $ 14,500 amid volatility.

1 day BTC / USD chart. Source: TradingView
The pair earned 6.5% daily as the disruption in the campaign gave strong dividends to both Bitcoin and traditional outlet gold.

Meanwhile, Cointelegraph Markets analyst Keith Waring identified a critical level of resistance that must be overcome to boost Bitcoin’s path to a higher level.

Expect Bitcoin to crash $ 14,400 or be rejected. For me, this is a level that must be overcome before a relatively clear distance of up to 17 thousand dollars. ”

However, it appears that the next big resistance is now at the $ 14,500 level, as shown in the order book heatmap below.

The heat map in the order book shows a resistance of $ 14,500. Source: TensorCharts
“I see something here on the bitcoin chart every hour,” Luna, a popular retailer on social media, tweeted today, and continued:

“If we break through $ 14,500, we can see another big light.”
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According to Cointelegraph, analysts generally agree that Bitcoin will be in line for significant gains if $ 14,000 shifts from resistance to support.

This level has remained since the early days of 2018 – after the BTC / USD exchange rate reached a record high of $ 20,000 – and became the resistance level that limited Bitcoin’s rally in 2019.

Source: CoinTelegraph