Bitcoin (BTC) returned to the $ 19,000 mark on November 30 as the weekend rally continued to generate new returns for investors and inventors.

Bitcoin rose 18% against a weekly decline.
Data from Cointelegraph and TradingView showed that the Bitcoin / USD bounced back to another important psychological level during Monday’s trading.

The weekend has already given the pair a lot of potential, as it dropped to $ 16,300 last weekend. By early Monday, $ 18,600 was back, with bitcoins continuing to generate at least 17% of those lows.

As Cointelegraph reported, the giant $ 1,300 futures gap threatens to push the market down, but buyers remain unchanged for the time being. At the time of the press release, rallies above $ 19,200 were seen half an hour before the start of trading on Wall Street.

“Alignment. The critical area is held at around $ 17,800,” said Michael Van de Pope, analyst at Cointelegraph Markets, shortly before the $ 19,000 shift.

“The critical range now is $ 18,200, and the last jump before ATH is resistance in the $ 18,600-18,900 region.”

If Bitcoin could turn this around for support, the door would remain open for another attempt at the $ 20,000 challenge. However, last week, $ 19,500 represented stiff resistance.

Source: CoinTelegraph