Bitcoin (BTC), which will reach a market value of $ 1 trillion in 2025, is considered “conservative” and will reach this level in less than two years.

This was according to Blockstream CEO Adam Beck, who issued a new positive warning about the price of BTC on October 5th.

Back responded to a report compiled by Yassin El Mangrah, a crypto asset analyst with ARK investment advisor, who in September predicted a market value of $ 1-5 trillion in bitcoin by 2030.

ARK is known for its enthusiastic Tesla stock price predictions, which go almost unbelievable in 2020.

“Conservative. I would say that the market value of # bitcoins is likely to surpass $ 1 trillion in two years, maybe before that. $ 1 trillion is around 50,000 BTC,” he said.

As of October 2020, Bitcoin’s market cap is at just over $ 198 billion. For Beck’s predictions to be fulfilled, the market must grow 400% by 2022.

For reference, two years ago in early October 2018, the figure was $ 114 billion. BTC / USD was trading at $ 6,600, two months ahead of complicating a bear market at $ 3,100.

Analysts are betting on the breakout
Additional responses to ARK included an environmental benchmark of data resources in the chain that featured $ 2 trillion of Bitcoin with a market value comparable to that of Apple.

Under these conditions, BTC / USD would be trading at $ 100,000, while the pair would need $ 500,000 to equate to gold.

As Cointelegraph reports, Bitcoin price activity is much lower at the moment, and analysts are expecting more for the rest of the year.

At the same time, there is a growing expectation that BTC / USD will abandon the relationship with traditional aggregate assets and grow in line with historical behavior, particularly given the projections for models of stock price calculation to electricity.

The average share price to Energy is $ 288,000 during the current half-cycle, which began in May and will run through 2024.

Source: CoinTelegraph