According to, the number of bitcoin nodes is at the highest level, with 11,558 nodes currently active. Another statistical tracker of the Bitcoin network,, calculates the total number of Bitcoin contracts at 11,613, slightly higher than the previous high of 11,250 set a year ago this month.

The Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 software update was released to public download on January 14, 2021 and is currently the fourth most popular software release in a decade.

There are currently 619 nodes running this version of the program, which is approximately 5.5% of all nodes running any version of Bitcoin Core. About 5,000 nodes are still running the penultimate version of Bitcoin Core, 0.20.1, which remains the most popular.

The latest Bitcoin Core release also offers a way to create more predictable testnets and implement Taproot consensus rules without activating them on the mainnet.

The changes will ultimately improve the privacy of Bitcoin transactions, as Taproot claims that manufacturing no longer exposes overly open consumption conditions in previous implementations. Removing premium features from transactions will also help Bitcoin become a more fungible resource, which is more in line with Bitcoin inventor Satoshi Nakamoto’s original proposal for “digital money”.

Up to 25% of all available Bitcoin nodes operate on the mysterious Tor network, making the Bitcoin Core 0.21.0 compatibility update for Tor version 3 hidden services significant as version 2 hidden services will be discontinued later this year. Running a bitcoin client with Tor adds a layer of privacy by blocking the IP address of the connection node.

A large number of independently managed nodes are essential to Bitcoin’s success, according to Satoshi, as its core value depends on its ability to remain decentralized. Launching a node is also a safer way to store bitcoins on your own, a practice supported by a number of owners who are increasingly skeptical about custodial services.

Bitcoin Core, formerly known as Bitcoin QT, is a software client developed by Vladimir Van der Laan based on a reference code written by Satoshi. It is the most popular implementation of the Bitcoin protocol, with 98.5% of all nodes running the Bitcoin Core software version.

The increase in the number of Bitcoin nodes is due to the increase in the number of nodes and Lightning Network channels, which are also constantly increasing.

Source: CoinTelegraph