Bitcoin (BTC), which reached $ 300,000 in just one year, is “not out of the question,” says famous statistician Willie Wu.

In a series of tweets on December 1, Wu stated that he was “never optimistic” about Bitcoin’s 2021 prospects.

Eyes Wu “bullish reflexes improved”
Discussing potential price dynamics, he confirmed that he is computing six-figure numbers by December of next year.

The post said: “My best model, offering $ 200K for Bitcoin by the end of 2021, looks conservative, $ 300K is not out of the question.”

The current market paid an average of $ 7,456 for its coins. You are all geniuses. ”
Woo used his technical account for the maximum capitalization to get the forecast. Despite what its analyst site Woobull calls “experimental,” the Top Cap has closely matched the peaks in the past.

BTC / USD forecast with higher expansion (dotted line). Source: Willie Wu / Twitter
The decline in BTC is still seen in the spot exchanges as an indication that bullish price action will be stimulated over the next twelve months.

He wrote, “I’ve never been this optimistic in 2021.”

“This stage of re-accumulation coincides with depletion of the spot market about two times longer and deeper than in the previous cycle. Will send BTC. ”
Finally, the dollar’s rise in Bitcoin outweighed the market value of every dollar invested in this bullish runic cycle of 2013 and 2017.

“Anything indicating increased reversibility; bullish reactions improve by 2021.”

Is there a downside in 2021?
According to Cointelegraph, Wu is not alone in his optimistic view of Bitcoin after 2020.

The higher price predictions have been made very quickly over the past two months, and the Quantum Analyst PlanB estimate of $ 100,000 in December 2021 now looks modest.

Aside from the tech community, well-known figures such as serial investor Mike Novogratz have begun to push price expectations into the mainstream. In the case of Novogratz, actress Maisie Williams told last month that BTC / USD would go up to $ 20,000 then $ 65,000. Then Williams invested.

This week, in the meantime, there was a giant price warning of $ 590K thanks to the Realized Profit / Loss account, which returned to its classic bullish position.

Source: CoinTelegraph