Bitcoin (BTC) is likely to rise to $ 92,000 in the next two weeks, and, according to the latest data, past operations are still “competitive”.

In an April 14 tweet, an analyst behind the share birth for the Bitcoin exchange rate, PlanB said that the BTC / USD exchange rate remains strong despite this week’s results.

PlanB focused on the Bitcoin Relative Power Index (RSI), a traditional meter used to plan the progress of a price.

The RSI can clearly show if Bitcoin is rising into the buying zone, while the reverse is also true – it is being traded again.

According to Cointelegraph, Map B has shown measurement indicators for traders over the past year, even between the potential market slump and August, when the spirit is moving. and it continues to this day.

Currently, the RSI measures 92/100. It’s close to the top of its range, but Bitcoin should probably have three bulls from 2013 and 2017 – and more perks should be equal to them.

“Bitcoin has a strong trend at RSI 92. It is still not higher than RSI 95, as emerging markets are in 2017, 2013 and 2011,” PlanB summarizes.

“I calculated the BTC bid price for RSI 95 at the end of April: $ 92,000. See what the Coinbase IPO will do today.”

BTC / USD strong index with 4 year position. Source: MapB / Twitter
What’s on the broad list?
For those who think $ 92,000 is too optimistic, PlanB doesn’t expect it to change dramatically, or even less, from Bitcoin in the future. This week, a new map outlining performance from 2021 to 2013 and 2017, also showed that Bitcoin is performing “modestly” and not moving too fast.

Meanwhile, PlanB announced a major Coinbase meeting scheduled for Wednesday, the first presentation on Nasdaq.

Despite the concerns about the sale that will result – from the successful behavior of the move involved, from the initial public attack – Coinbase’s straight line is said to be a turning point for crypto currencies.

As such, Coinbase is able to introduce a new era with its new identity, similar to Bitcoin and Altcoin, because the price action is predictable in the future.

The Coinbase stock market is related to global banks. Source: Discount
Statistics spread online on Wednesday show that Coinbase, with a market value of $ 149 billion, will become the world’s fourth -largest “bank” by market value.

Source: CoinTelegraph