A new book on Bitcoin (BTC) reached the top three on Amazon’s macroeconomic bestseller list, as it provides more evidence that digital assets are of interest to humans. Released December 2, Bitcoin: Hard Money You Can’t Handle: Why Bitcoin Will Become the Next Global Reserve Currency, and is currently the third most popular headline in the Kindle macroeconomic category.

Amazon’s bestseller in macroeconomics
According to the number of new editions in the category, the book is first:

Top new issues in the macroeconomic category
The mission book on bitcoin was written by Jason Williams, a founder and co-founder of Morgan Creek Digital Assets, the cryptocurrency-focused investment arm of Morgan Creek Capital. As the Cointelegraph reported, Williams recently sold the 2007 Chevrolet Suburban for 0.4 bitcoin. If his Twitter feed is an indication, Williams has amassed a lot of bitcoin for his personal vault this year.

Williams’ book offers an introductory book about Bitcoin for those who are new to the asset class. The Amazon sales page describes the book as follows:

“Hard money you can not fuck with, Bitcoin explains in plain language and shows how the magic money of the Internet will be the best form of money we have ever had.”
The book is divided into three main sections that explain why bitcoin is important now, a short history of money, and how BTC can become the next global reserve currency.

Retail interest in bitcoin appears to be rising again, most likely as a result of the sharp rise in bitcoin in recent months. Google search for bitcoin increased in late September and then again in November.

According to Google’s search trends, interest in bitcoin has grown this quarter.
Retail trade FOMO, or fear of being missed, was the main catalyst for the beef market in 2017, but it was largely absent from this year’s rally. Google’s search trends and the performance of Williams’ book can be seen as proxies for ordinary people in digital assets.

Source: CoinTelegraph