One of the first bitcoin investors and industry supporter Chamat Palihapitiya pointed to the prospect of running for California governor.

Chamat Palihapitiya, CEO of Venture Capital, appears to have announced his intentions on Twitter on January 26. The post was linked to his new website with a series of promises to the United States, including significant tax cuts and higher teacher salaries. And graduation student loan and newborn distribution.

Palihapitiya appears to be gearing up for a race of state governors in 2022, or possibly a snap election, although no clarifications have been provided beyond his intentions to get involved in politics.

The billionaire businessman has also joined forces to pass a vote of no confidence in incumbent California Governor Gavin Newsom, which is said to lead to a by-election in late 2021.

An increasing number of California residents are unhappy with Newsom’s performance at the post, especially with the inconsistent shutdown and deployment of the slow Covid-19 vaccine.

Former Facebook boss Palihapitiya was an early investor in bitcoin (bought a million) and says he wants to maintain the country’s position as a leading technology hub:

“Let’s make California the global hub for all technology and climate jobs by adjusting our incentives, not pushing them away,” he said.
In an interview on January 7, he said that he sees Bitcoin as insurance against financial uncertainty and that the price could rise to $ 200,000 over the next five to ten years.

According to an April 2020 Forbes article, Palihapitiya bought bitcoins back in 2013 when the price was around $ 80 per coin, and claims he owned about 5% of the total bitcoin at one point.

Since taking office as President Biden on January 20, there have been a number of pro-crypto moves in US policy, including Michael Barr’s nomination of former Ripple Councilor Michael Barr as the next currency watcher. In addition, the Biden administration also selected cryptocurrency expert Gary Gensler as head of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

Source: CoinTelegraph