Bitcoin AUM falls 9.5% to record largest monthly pullback since July


While Bitcoin’s (BTC) status as a viable hedge against monetary inflation continues to attract investors, the new data reflects a shift in sentiment as Ethereum (ETH) and other cryptocurrency products gain traction against Bitcoin Assets Under Management (AUM).

The Bitcoin AUM market fell 9.5% to $ 48.7 billion in November, the largest monthly decline since July, according to a CryptoCompare report. On the other hand, altcoin-based cryptocurrencies like AUM ETH surged 5.4% to $ 16.6 billion.

Monthly funds managed by cumulative products. Source – CryptoCompare
As shown in the chart above, total assets under management across all digital investment products fell 5.5% to $ 70.0 billion, in line with the ongoing bear market as Bitcoin hit an all-time high above $ 65,000.

As a result of a drop of 9.5%, the Bitcoin AUM market accounts for 70.6% of the total AUM share. However, Ethereum-sponsored AUMs rose 5.4% to $ 16.6 billion, while AUMs representing other cryptocurrencies rose $ 2.6 billion.

By asset type. Source – CryptoCompare
Of the total AUM offer, products with shades of gray account for 76.8% of the AUM market. Grayscale trust products fell 6.8% to $ 54.5 billion. Other notable players include XBT Provider ($ 5.0B, 7.2% of the total) and 21Shares ($ 2.5B, 3.6% of the total), which can be seen from the chart below:

Assets under management of the company. Source – CryptoCompare
According to the report, the average weekly delivery of Bitcoin-based products in November was $ 94.4 million. Among other things, $ 67.8 million for Ethereum-based products brought in about $ 24.4 million, while Cardano and Tron-based products brought in $ 10.7 million and $ 10.5 million, respectively.

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