Bison Trails, a blockchain infrastructure provider, announced a major new industry collaboration, this time with, a leading cryptocurrency exchange site that wants to bring known transaction use cases to the cryptocurrency markets.

Bison Trails provides the core infrastructure for, the public blockchain is open source. As part of the mainnet launch, Bison Trails will provide a robust scanning node infrastructure to improve screening and share management.

On the technical side, Bison Trails will support the launch of mainnet through engagement groups, query groups, transactions and initial nodes, the company explained. As Cointelegraph recently explained, participating Bison groups contain two components to enhance security – validation nodes hosted on a private network and sensor nodes as interfaces between validators and the public blockchain. CEO Chris Marshall described Bison Trails as an “invaluable partner” in launching the network. It is to explain:

“This is an important moment in our company that brings us closer to our vision of the availability of cryptocurrencies and transactions for all.”
According to the company, during beta testing of the chain, 275 million transactions were processed. The chain will be supported first by Pay, which is a recovery solution.

As Cointelegraph recently reported, has become a major shareholder in the Visa network in Australia, which coincides with the company’s efforts to expand cryptocurrency credit card services. The company was the first to issue a Visa card supporting cryptocurrency in 2018. Since then, cryptocurrency-backed credit cards have grown in popularity and companies like Gemini and BlockFi have announced rewards cards for cashback.

Bison Trails recently signed several major partnerships. Coinbase acquired the company in January 2021 under an agreement that allows Bison to continue operating as a standalone producer.

Source: CoinTelegraph