Binance overtook Huobi and OKEx to become the largest cryptocurrency exchange in volume in September, according to the latest report published by the British media company CryptoCompare, to $ 164.8 billion dollars in one month.

CryptoCompare studied the trading volume of Tier 1 exchanges and determined that the trading volume of Binance was approximately $ 8 billion more than its closest competitor, Huobi to $ 156.3 billion and OKEx to $ 155.7 billion. BitMEX finished fourth with a monthly trading volume of $ 56.4 billion in September.

The figures show that BitMEX was in trouble even before the leaders were accused of not preventing money laundering and forcing them to resign. The stock market showed the largest monthly decline in percentage – 30.7%.

Source: CryptoCompare
Huobi, OKEx and Binance accounted for almost 90% of the September derivatives volume between them, although volumes were down 17.5% m / m to $ 634.9 billion. CryptoCompare reported that FTX was the only derivatives exchange to gain 12% in volume in September from $ 23.89 billion in circulation.

The report highlights that daily volumes on derivatives exchanges reached an annual high on September 3, with $ 27.6 billion sold. The previous high in 2020 was set at $ 27.1 billion on July 27.

Source: CryptoCompare
Institutional options on the CME-regulated platform increased by 79.4% from August and reached 4,872 monthly traded contracts. CryptoCompare reported that futures volumes for CME Bitcoin (BTC) remained stable, only 1% lower than 203,867 contracts sold in August.

Source: CoinTelegraph