Beeple’s Discord compromised, timed to coincide with Christie’s auction


The official Discord Beeple group’s administrative account was hacked overnight, causing a non-fungible token (NFT) to drop, causing users to lose around 38 Ether (ETH).

A Discord Beeple admin named “Multi” confirmed to the group on Wednesday that their account had been hacked despite the two-factor authentication. The offender continued to stand in front of the bot with Multi and Beeple ads promoting the fake Beeple NFT issue on Nifty Gateway.

This incident is the latest in a long line of Discord hacks that have caused massive damage to users.

Discord members were willing to expect Bipple to drop as cheaply at the end of its latest auction as it did before, with gifts as users received NFTs for less than $1. Fans follow the Discord and Beeple channel. Twitter page all day for good NFTs.

Discord contributor “NFT Simon” told Cointelegraph that he has created his own MetaMask wallet and is ready to rush in right away.

Multiple function after hacking. Source: Beeple Discord
“When the official Beeple Discord received a message from the Beeple Bot and a verified official with a link to the Nifty Gateway website, I didn’t blink twice. I went and kept minting as much and as fast as I could,” Hu said.

NFT Simon caught six NFT Beeples – at least he thought so – but couldn’t see them in his Nifty account. Returning to Discord, he was horrified to discover that the fake official had written in all capital letters.

“I met several explicit GIFs of naked men from multiple users. It was clearly a scam and someone hacked Beeple’s Discord.”
After about an hour, the original administrator regained control of his login, and the chat consisted of logging out of the hacker’s wallets and reporting it to Binance. “Then we all saw that they slowly but surely paid our money, it was already too late,” he said.

Etherscan reveals that only $9,121.54 remains in the alleged hacker’s wallet, with 25 ETH suddenly transferred. However, users are reporting losing more ETH.

The reaction of members of the Discord group on Thursday was contentious, with some being calm enough that Beeple could settle the matter, while others complained that “FOMO” got in without thinking about it.

“I still don’t have a Beeple. I know Beeple once stood up for the community when we crashed Makers Place, and who knows how and if they’ll fix things this time around. I’m the best six whistle sounds ever,” said NFT, Simon.

The official Beeple account did not directly address the incident, but did post an accompanying message that said, “ALL NEWS PLEASE KNOW THAT I WILL NEVER BE LIKE HELLO QUICK BUY THIS.”

In response to the lack of communication, one user wrote that instead of the attached message, “an encouraging and understandable ad would be easier to accept.”

This was not just a DM with a link, but a serious security breach without any modifications that lasted about an hour.
Cointelegraph has reached out to the administrators of Discord for comment.



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